Sunday, March 23, 2008

Live Facials

I wonder if any places like this exist ....

I'm picturing a private club or party, invite only, for maybe a dozen to twenty people, seated closely around a small stage.

The entertainment would consist of six women (one every hour), each of whom begins by coming onstage with a male partner. Each woman would start by talking with and teasing the audience (asking them if they want to see a guy come in her face), and then slowly stripping. When the woman is naked, she would make her way to the (standing) male performer and get on her knees and blow the guy. The male should be a Peter North type performer who can cum in prodigious quantities.

The performance would culminate with the guy cumming in the woman's face. The audience, of course, would be just a few feet away and have an up-close view of a live facial.

After the performance, the woman should leave the cum on her face and mingle with the audience and serve drinks and shots.

If anyone knows of any places that feature live facials like this, please let me know.

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