Sunday, March 23, 2008

Live Facials

I wonder if any places like this exist ....

I'm picturing a private club or party, invite only, for maybe a dozen to twenty people, seated closely around a small stage.

The entertainment would consist of six women (one every hour), each of whom begins by coming onstage with a male partner. Each woman would start by talking with and teasing the audience (asking them if they want to see a guy come in her face), and then slowly stripping. When the woman is naked, she would make her way to the (standing) male performer and get on her knees and blow the guy. The male should be a Peter North type performer who can cum in prodigious quantities.

The performance would culminate with the guy cumming in the woman's face. The audience, of course, would be just a few feet away and have an up-close view of a live facial.

After the performance, the woman should leave the cum on her face and mingle with the audience and serve drinks and shots.

If anyone knows of any places that feature live facials like this, please let me know.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jake Steed

Does anyone know if Jake Steed still makes movies?

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Casey's Cumshots

Someone left a comment on this blog that Casey's Cumshots is a great facial website.

If the site's preview pictures are any indication, this person is absolutely correct. However, while the site appears to be intact (I visited but did not join), it also looks to be very old and possibly no longer maintained.

Does anyone know anything about this site? Has the content for the site been taken over by another site? Are the clips available in a format other than Real Media?

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Other Stars Like Peter North

I'm trying to find more porn stars like Peter North. That is, more male performers who copiously come like Peter North and consistently deliver thick facials to women. Of all the porn out there, I've found that what I enjoy the most are scenes that feature a pretty woman on her knees blowing Peter North, the woman asking Pete to come in her face, and then Pete coming in her face.

Can anyone help and suggest similar performers?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Facial Scenes I'd Like to See

Below are some ideas for facial, blowjob movies I'd like to see.
  1. The Sex Therapist - This could be a scene where a girl comes in with her "boyfriend". The setup is the boyfriend can't deliver a real facial and he wants to watch a guy who can show him how to give his girlfriend a real facial. They arrive and greet a guy experienced at giving good facials. Then the girl blows the guy until he comes in her face. As a bonus, the guy could exchange dialogue with the boyfriend (e.g. telling him how good his girl is and how much fun it is to come in her face while her boyfriend just stands there watching).

  2. The Office - Cast the guy as an office employee who gets busted by his pretty female boss for looking at porn at work. When chided for his behavior, he responds that he wouldn't look at porn at work if only he could find a woman who will blow him and let him come in her face. So his pretty boss helps him out.

  3. The Dare - Have a woman come in who is a friend of a guy who is well-known for delivering big facials. After the woman enters, she yells at him for always giving women facials and demeaning them and that it's sick, etc. As they talk, she tells him that she knows he would never do that to her and that she'll prove it by getting on her knees and blowing him. Of course, he ends up giving her a facial.

  4. Gothic - Have a goth woman come in who is a singer in a band and will do anything to get a gig. Cast the guy as a record producer who loves giving facials to aspiring singers.

  5. The Tease - Have an 18 year old girl come in who knows that many older guys love 18 year olds and have her seductively tease the guy about getting to come in her face.

  6. The Journalist - Have a girl pose as a journalist writing a story about guys and facials. As she asks questions, she realizes she needs a demonstration.

  7. The Sports Babe - Cast the girl as an athlete who was "rejected" by a casting guy for a scene because he didn't think she was feminine enough. She's determined to prove him wrong, that she can give a great blowjob and work out a big facial.

  8. The Innocent - A girl comes in who is recently married but doesn't know about oral sex or facials. She asks the guy to teach her how to give a great blowjob and receive a facial.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Peter North

As a fan of facials, I've also become a big Peter North fan, who consistently delivers superb facial after facial, even after all these years of performing in the business. There's just nothing like watching a pretty woman get on her knees, suck Peter's dick, and then receive spurt after spurt of cum in her face. My only regret these days is that Pete does so few scenes.

I would love someday to be able to help come up with concepts and pick some of the women with whom Pete performs. Below are some ideas I have for Peter North videos:
  • Like the series "Screw My Wife, Please", I would do an occasional special edition of "Deep Throat This" and bring in real women and their husbands or boyfriends and have the men watch while Pete comes in their women's face. I would also have the husbands or boyfriends talk to Pete during the scene and ask him to come in their partner's face.
  • In "Deep Throat This", I would shoot more scenes of just Pete and the woman. Scenes with Pete and multiple guys with a woman have been overdone and sometimes take away from the on-screen chemistry between Pete and the woman.
  • It would be great to see a reality TV inspired contest to find Pete's next facial queen. I would ask aspiring facial recipients via the Internet to send in an audition tape where they strip and explain why they should be chosen to receive a Peter North facial and be a Peter North boxcover facial queen. I would then bring the 12 finalists in and shoot a special edition of "Deep Throat This" with them. For each scene, I would show the woman's audition tape and have the woman blow and receive a facial from Pete. After the scene, Pete could explain how the woman did and tell the woman what she did well and what needs improvements and how she rated. At the end of the movie, Pete would reveal the winner and do a bonus scene with her.
  • I would do a Behind the Scenes release and follow a woman from her application to scene. This would show how Pete picks the women with whom he works, and show Pete and the director discussing the women and scenes. This would also show when Pete gets extra excited about a particular starlet and tells the crew how he can't wait to perform with her.
  • I would also try a second Behind the Scenes type release (this could be a special edition of North Pole or POV) where Pete is interviewed a few times. In this film, Pete would answer questions about the kind of women and things he's most attracted to. Then, at the end of each interview, the "interviewer" would be revealed as the type of woman Pete just described, and then Pete and the woman would do a scene.
  • I would have some women start out scenes telling how they've heard that Pete is famous for his gushing facials and that they really want one. Then, periodically during the scene, I would prompt the women to remind him to deliver. Finally, Pete would promise to deliver, even brag about it.
  • I would definitely pair Pete with some Goth women or women who wear similar heavy makeup and have Pete aim for the eyeshadow.
  • I would pair Pete with more young women (18 - 19) , and have the girls make mention of their age in the scenes and remark how they can't wait to receive a real facial from Pete.
  • I would pair Pete with a very pretty woman who tells him that she wants to blow Pete but that she feels that she is too pretty to receive a facial and that she doesn't think that Pete has the nerve to come in her pretty, innocent face. She should even go as far as to tell Pete that she's so sure that he won't come in her face, that she dares him to do it. Pete should play along and tell her that he won't but, of course, he will come in her face.
  • The scenes look great and highly-charged when Pete stands and the woman is on her knees in front of him. I would setup more scenes so Pete tells the women to strip and get on their knees so he can give them the best possible facial.
  • I would introduce Pete apprentices. Ideally, each time, this would be an extremely horny but very inexperienced 18 year old guy. Pete would show the kid the ropes. Pete could start by finding out the "type" of woman the boy is most attracted to (e.g., big titted, black) and then Pete could arrange a setup for the guy and a woman of that type. Pete could give pointers during the scene and finish off with the woman.
  • I would have some of the women tell Pete during the scenes that their boyfriends have never been able to give them a real facial and that it's been their dream to suck Pete's cock and make him come in their face.
  • I would experiment more with the outfits (e.g., cheerleader with pigtails, female superhero, military) and have the women slowly strip in front of Pete more.
  • I would pair Pete with more women with very large, natural breasts.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Facials I Like

You see lots of different kinds of facials these days, from the more traditional act in which one or two guys cum in the face of a woman to group, bukkake facials, to other variations.

For my part, I'm a purist and the facial scenes I enjoy the most are when a guy is standing and the woman is on her knees in front of him and the guy unloads from that position. I don't like group facials that much and I totally detest the rougher facials scenes that, in my opinion, lack erotic value and seem to exist solely for degradation and humiliation.

I also really enjoy facial scenes when there is some creative erotic dialogue between the woman and the guy, like when the woman tells the guy to come in her face. This is enhanced when the woman knows the guy loves facials and playfully teases him about it. For example, the woman might tell the guy how she's heard that he has a reputation for giving good facials and that she really wants one from him.

With 18 or 19 year-old women, it's awesome when the girls make mention of their age when they ask to receive a facial. For example: "I want you to come all over my eighteen year old face."

Sometimes, what's best about a facial is the excitement and buildup that happens before the actual oral sex and facial. This is all about anticipation and includes everything from the guy talking about sex and facials with the girl while she is still dressed, to the girl getting made up, to the guy talking excitedly with a buddy about the girl and how he can't wait to get with her, to the beginning of the scene, in which the girl enters in a sexy outfit and slowly strips in front of the guy before getting on her knees.