Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Facial Scenes I'd Like to See

Below are some ideas for facial, blowjob movies I'd like to see.
  1. The Sex Therapist - This could be a scene where a girl comes in with her "boyfriend". The setup is the boyfriend can't deliver a real facial and he wants to watch a guy who can show him how to give his girlfriend a real facial. They arrive and greet a guy experienced at giving good facials. Then the girl blows the guy until he comes in her face. As a bonus, the guy could exchange dialogue with the boyfriend (e.g. telling him how good his girl is and how much fun it is to come in her face while her boyfriend just stands there watching).

  2. The Office - Cast the guy as an office employee who gets busted by his pretty female boss for looking at porn at work. When chided for his behavior, he responds that he wouldn't look at porn at work if only he could find a woman who will blow him and let him come in her face. So his pretty boss helps him out.

  3. The Dare - Have a woman come in who is a friend of a guy who is well-known for delivering big facials. After the woman enters, she yells at him for always giving women facials and demeaning them and that it's sick, etc. As they talk, she tells him that she knows he would never do that to her and that she'll prove it by getting on her knees and blowing him. Of course, he ends up giving her a facial.

  4. Gothic - Have a goth woman come in who is a singer in a band and will do anything to get a gig. Cast the guy as a record producer who loves giving facials to aspiring singers.

  5. The Tease - Have an 18 year old girl come in who knows that many older guys love 18 year olds and have her seductively tease the guy about getting to come in her face.

  6. The Journalist - Have a girl pose as a journalist writing a story about guys and facials. As she asks questions, she realizes she needs a demonstration.

  7. The Sports Babe - Cast the girl as an athlete who was "rejected" by a casting guy for a scene because he didn't think she was feminine enough. She's determined to prove him wrong, that she can give a great blowjob and work out a big facial.

  8. The Innocent - A girl comes in who is recently married but doesn't know about oral sex or facials. She asks the guy to teach her how to give a great blowjob and receive a facial.

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