Thursday, November 23, 2006

Facials I Like

You see lots of different kinds of facials these days, from the more traditional act in which one or two guys cum in the face of a woman to group, bukkake facials, to other variations.

For my part, I'm a purist and the facial scenes I enjoy the most are when a guy is standing and the woman is on her knees in front of him and the guy unloads from that position. I don't like group facials that much and I totally detest the rougher facials scenes that, in my opinion, lack erotic value and seem to exist solely for degradation and humiliation.

I also really enjoy facial scenes when there is some creative erotic dialogue between the woman and the guy, like when the woman tells the guy to come in her face. This is enhanced when the woman knows the guy loves facials and playfully teases him about it. For example, the woman might tell the guy how she's heard that he has a reputation for giving good facials and that she really wants one from him.

With 18 or 19 year-old women, it's awesome when the girls make mention of their age when they ask to receive a facial. For example: "I want you to come all over my eighteen year old face."

Sometimes, what's best about a facial is the excitement and buildup that happens before the actual oral sex and facial. This is all about anticipation and includes everything from the guy talking about sex and facials with the girl while she is still dressed, to the girl getting made up, to the guy talking excitedly with a buddy about the girl and how he can't wait to get with her, to the beginning of the scene, in which the girl enters in a sexy outfit and slowly strips in front of the guy before getting on her knees.

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